When we started to plan and construct the coworking desks, it was quickly decided that they had to fulfill two vital requirements: a desk that still provides enough intimacy without losing the ability to connect and network with fellow coworkers. Each desk is equipped with a bright reading light and electrical plugs for your electronic equipment. You can work on your ideas and we’ll take care of the rest.

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  • Unicorn.Pass for 69 EUR
  • 10% Discount for food and drinks
  • In the heart of Berlin
  • Coworking starts at 2,70 €
  • Exceptional breakfast menu

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  • Unicorn.Pass for 69 EUR
  • Barista Coffee Flatrate @ Unicorn.Canteen
  • Great Event Location
  • Meeting Rooms

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  • Team rooms for small to medium sized teams
  • Great canteen
  • Close to S+U Bahn
  • Functional interior

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  • Great event location
  • Close to Unicorn.Brunnenviertel

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